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Bomba rice


In 1903 José Roca España established his old mill in what is now the old town of Valencia and started the rice industry. The beginning of this family and its relationship with rice.

With the endorsement and experience of four generations in the rice sector, they are still working to conserve the genuine and scarce botanical variety Arroz Bomba, which they produce, elaborate and commercialize. The warehouses and processing mill are located in Segorbe, about 55 km from Valencia.


Molina Roca

Molina Roca Our rices

One of the characteristics of rice pump is its inability to adhere to the bottom of the paella in its cooking, due to the percentage of amylose contained in its composition.

Coming from cooperatives and other farmers, this precious grain is made using its benefits.
Its own characteristics, texture, consistency, taste, absorption power, grain to the point, loose and whole, make it the most used by the global restoration.



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